The National Hub©

A bespoke CPD space for you and your school

Our offer to schools combines comprehensive, expert-led training delivered via The National Hub©, a custom-built platform which incorporates cutting-edge software to optimise CPD viewing and management.

Via our hub you can enjoy CPD in high-quality video format and access your own training area. We’ve made it easy to:

  • Identify the training that matters to you
  • Access resources anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Pick up, put down, watch again
  • Track progress
  • Record achievements
  • Download certificates.
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A complete CPD solution for schools

The National Hub© is our custom-built learning management software behind The National College, providing schools and trust with the following features:

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Easily enrol the whole-school workforce

Give all your school staff access to our online training, with three easy enrolment options:

  • Individual manual upload
  • Bulk email upload
  • Unique invitation link
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Create CPD programmes for individuals, groups and your whole school

  • Create user groups according to role, department, subject, year group, for new starters or for all staff, depending on your CPD strategy.
  • Create watch lists and link them to your intended audience, whether to individuals or user groups.
  • Users will be able to see all the CPD you’ve assigned to them under ‘Watch Lists’ in their personal account.
  • Bulk action and cloning features make quick work of creating, editing and replicating programmes.
  • Plan and direct CPD by specifying academic year and setting deadlines for completion.
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Overview personal progress,
meet CPD goals

  • Track progress within your own personal account.
  • Ata-glance information on CPD accessed, started and completed.
  • Retrieve certificates, pause and resume, view total CPD hours achieved.
  • Keep track of targets and personal goals.
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Monitor and report at user, group, school and trust level

You’ll find three dashboards for monitoring and reporting CPD activity:

  • The CPD Dashboard provides an overview of progress through a watch list via a red, amber green (RAG display), and lets you drill down to individual level.
  • The School Report dashboard gives you an overview of enrolment and CPD progress of individuals, your whole school or trust and lets you send reminders to staff.
  • The CPD Report dashboard tells you instantly how much training your school or trust has completed in CPD hours. You can also see which CPD is being accessed the most and filter by type, category, role and academic year.
  • Use ‘Export as CSV’ to generate reports for Ofsted, to evidence compliance and for internal reporting.
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Upload and share your own

internal CPD

  • Upload your school’s internal CPD in the form of videos and documents so that the whole school workforce can easily access your internal training and resources.
  • Include live links so that staff can access all CPD from one location.
  • Monitor progress and evidence achievements.
  • Maintain a record of all CPD completed, both internal and external, in one safe space and create a bespoke, all-in-one CPD management system.
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Log all CPD in one central location

School CPD logging made easy, whether undertaken:

  • externally through other providers or internally, using the school’s own resources;
  • offline or online;
  • face to face or remotely.


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Evidence and display your achievements

  • Download, print and display certificates upon successful completion of a webinar or course.
  • Evidence compliance, recognise achievements.
  • Provide proof of your ongoing professional development.
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Decide future topics for webinars
and courses

  • Take part in our weekly poll to decide future content.
  • Cast your vote each week on the topics that matter most to you.
  • Shift away from the top-down style of learning management systems (LMS) and toward a more independent, autonomous and self-directed style of a learning experience platform (LXP).
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A dedicated account manager for School Members

Every School Member is assigned a dedicated account manager who is:

  • with you every step of journey with us;
  • your first point of call for customer service queries;
  • available for demos and meetings whether by phone or online.
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Our self-serve online knowledge base has the answers

  • Find the answers to common queries that you and your staff might have.
  • Easy to navigate and full of articles and video tutorials.
  • Our customer support team are also on hand to provide support.
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Quick and easy sign-in

  • Sign in with Office 365 or Google account
  • Click on ‘Admin’ and you’ll arrive on a landing page highlighting all the features available to you.
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Round-the-clock support, right when you need it

Customer support options include:

  • our comprehensive online knowledge base;
  • online chat and phone options between 8 am 4 pm, Monday – Friday;
  • submit a ticket for customer support online, with a guaranteed response within one working day.
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Upload your school's logo and customise your training space


  • Upload your school's logo to The National Hub© and create a single, bespoke training space for your whole school workforce.


“We enrolled everybody, which was 24 members of staff, and they’re smashing it to be honest with you! The fact that you can go back and reference as many times as you like and that it is accessible on any device, well it’s just the perfect learning platform for what we needed right now!”

St Ambrose Barlow Primary School - Gareth Doherty, Headteacher

“I was taken through everything and I thought this is exactly what we need. It’s all in one place, I can see what people are doing, I can allocate things to them and it was tailored to people’s jobs as well.”

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy - Emily McCullagh, Headteacher

“Being able to offer personalised CPD for our teaching staff was a major attraction. Our governors are able to pursue a range of professional development which is of personal interest to them and we can do it at our leisure. For teachers, where there is a relative area of weakness, they can decide and take ownership of their own development.”

Elangeni School - Alex Burns, Headteacher

“That was one of the big draws, and also the fact that The National College isn’t admin heavy. I’m able to get an overview of who’s engaging and who isn’t.”

Ditton Park Academy - Lisa Healy-Norgate, Senior Assistant Principal

“For me, as the leader who is rolling out the CPD, it’s about how I can easily direct staff to access courses. It also allows me to capture who has completed it, who needs support and we can build up that evidence base for staff.”

Charlton Park Academy - Niall Fallon, Senior Vice Principal and Head of School

“Having that whole school overview and being able to monitor what CPD has been completed on an individual level allows me to maximise the impact of the CPD.”

Tettenhall Wood School - Laura Watson, Assistant Headteacher

High quality video CPD

Via our hub you can enjoy CPD in high-quality video format and access your own training area. We've made it easy to:

TNC-Identify Training
TNC-Record Achievements
TNC-Access Resources
TNC-Track Progress
TNC-Pick Up
TNC-Download Certificates

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